How To: Move songs from your computer onto your Nintendo DSi

Move songs from your computer onto your Nintendo DSi

This little tutorial will show you how to put/add music on your Nintendo DSI. This is fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

1)Go into iTunes and go to your music library and search a song that you want to put on your DSI.

2. Right click on the song and then click "Create AAC Version".

3. It will create the AAC version of the song. Click that version so you remember which one to click after.

4. Once it's done created the AAC version, right-click on the AAC version of the song and click "Open in Windows Explorer".

5. Click Start and open up "My Computer" and click on your SD card that is in your computer.

6. Go into the DCIM(or whatever it's called) and drag the song that you opened with Windows Explorer, into the DCIM folder that is located on your SD card.

7. Take out your SD and put in your DSI.

8. When your at the start screen go into "Nintendo DSI Sound".

9. Then click "Play with your music" then DCIM.

10. Enjoy!

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