News: "We Dare", the Sexy Wii Spanking Game for Grown-Ups

"We Dare", the Sexy Wii Spanking Game for Grown-Ups

Nintendo Wii is ubiquitously known for being a family friendly console, but a recent commercial reveals a risqué release for a steamy, adults-only alternative. Called "We Dare", the game is described as a "sexy, quirky, party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges."

Swingers, "close" friends, and exhibitionists, rejoice. Your tasks include: kissing Wii game controllers, pole dancing, stripping, and spanking. For the conservative set, have no fear. It appears "We Dare" is currently a European exclusive. American puritans are safe... for now.

It's the same old debate. Decapitating, gorging, beating to death, skinning alive—slap a rating on it, end of story. But a little hanky-panky...

Let the controversy begin.

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....That was weird.

odd indeed. I would think this kind of game would work better with a camera; like the kinect for xbox.
WII would be so awesome with a camera! Super Smash Bros FTW!!!

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