How to Catch the ultimate legendary pokemon: Arceus

Arceus is the 493rd pokemon added to the National Dex. It can be encountered at level 80 which is the highest level wild pokemon in the game. This video will show you exactly how to find and catch the legendary god pokemon Arceus.

This is a video of me catching the legendary pokemon Arceus. Right now it is unkown on how to get it at the present time but the only way to can get it is through Nintendo Event, Hacking (what i did) or knowing someone who can do such things for you. Q&A 1. Will you plz plz plz plz give me that Arceus? A: Yes i will i am giving away a Shaymin, Arceus & a Darkrai but tune into my next video for details. 2. How did you do it without a Action Replay? A: A program called POKESAV. Bassicly its a program that enables you to hack you Pokemon D/P games. But to use this feature you need a Memory Card for your NDS such as R4DS, M3, TTDS, or such things.

Catch the ultimate legendary pokemon: Arceus

Catch the ultimate legendary pokemon: Arceus Click through to watch this video on

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