How To: Get Wi-Fi on a Nintendo DSi

Get Wi-Fi on a Nintendo DSi

This video will show you in eight steps how you can get and use wifi and dsi to use with your Nintendo. This is a helpful tool because it can be a little confusing to get started using different technologies without clear instructions.

1. Setup a wireless router on your home computer.
2. Insert a Wi-Fi compatible game into your system.
3. Refer to the instruction booklet that came with your game to see how to access the connection setup.
4. Click on "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings".
5. Click on an available "Connection Settings" slot.
6. Click on "Search for an Access Point".
7. Wait for it to find a router or hotspot, then click on the one you are using.
8. Enter your WEP (WPA Not Supported) and click save, or just hit save.

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