How To: Play Game Boy Advance games on a Nintendo DSi

Play Game Boy Advance games on a Nintendo DSi

Yes, there is a way to play old Game Boy Advance games on your new Nintendo DSi. You just have to download the GBA DSi Emulator. Yes, it is possible to play GameBoy Advance game backups (aka GBA ROMs) on your DSi. You have to use a special DSi flash card adapter though, for MicroSD cards. Then use the emulator and place the GBA games on the Micro SD card. This is the surefire way to download DSi games on your SD card.


Cant you just play them from the freaking SD slot??

i just bought a dsi for my girl, however i have a normal sdhc card and i want to learn how to download a game from my laptop to the card then to the dsi, do you absolutely need a micro sd card?

Can Someone tell me, how i Install the GBAD Si Plugins in which Firmware Method on the R4 SDHC: Dual-Core 2014? It would be nice when it have good news. ShowBox VidMate Mobdro

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