News: Nintendo to Launch 3D Handheld This Year

Nintendo to Launch 3D Handheld This Year

And the best part? No glasses required. Avatar has unleashed utter 3D mania, and Nintendo plans to jump in sometime this coming year. Not much information has been provided, but here is what has been explicitly stated, via Nintendo's press release:

  • Nintendo to Launch 3D Handheld This YearA new handheld, called the Nintendo 3DS, will be released sometime between April 2010 - March 2011.
  • Nintendo 3DS will produce 3D graphics, no glasses necessary.
  • Nintendo 3DS will be backwards compatible with the entire line of Nintendo DS products.
  • It will be revealed at the Los Angeles E3 trade show this coming June.

Click through to read Kotaku's further speculation (unconfirmed, based on supporting evidence).

NOTE: Not a Nintendo 3DS demo, but perhaps a taste of what's to come:

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That head tracking tech is genius. I cant wait to get one of these.

Reminds me of the Virtual Boy, which was way ahead of it's time. You'd put your face in it for a 3d effect like an old school view master. Not sure why it never took off, but I remember seeing them in the stores when I was a kid and wanting one sooo badly!

I played around with a VB for a while when I was a kid. The picture was always in double vision and hurt my eyes. Freaking cool, but it was expensive. It was kinda like the power glove :P

Thats an amazing idea but if the only get it to work for ispy games then basically way to waste time

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